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5 Top Ideas for your Laundry Makeover

If your laundry room is in a fair condition but is simply looking tired, dated or is just not working well for your needs, you may consider a laundry makeover rather than a full renovation. There are many different ways you can change things up in the laundry from replacing your splashback tiles to creating a better functioning space with new storage solutions. We explore some top ideas on how you can make the most of a laundry room makeover to ensure the very best result for your next project!

Update your Laundry Splashback Tiles

A great way to breathe new life into a tired laundry room is to update your laundry splashback tiles. The splashback area of the laundry is the one place where you can be a little more creative in how you introduce colour, pattern or texture to add a touch of character in your overall design scheme. From luxurious and hard wearing porcelain tiles to stunning mosaic tiles or ornate ceramic tiles, there are many different options to choose from that will help you add more of a personal touch in your laundry makeover project.

Bala Handmade Look Tiles_Laundry Makeover

Updating your laundry splashback tiles will create a fresh new look in your design scheme. This space uses our Bala handmade look porcelain tiles to add elements of pattern and texture in the space, creating a modern yet rustic aesthetic that pairs perfectly with the aged brass tapware and timber benchtop.

Include Better Laundry Storage Solutions

When revamping your existing laundry room, it is important to take note of which areas are working for your needs and which areas could use some improvement. Finding storage space is perhaps one of the most common concerns when it comes to designing a well-functioning laundry room. Find ways to better utilise your existing storage and if needed, see how it can best be optimised. From pull-out laundry hampers to drawer units that sit beneath your washing machine, there are many different options available that will help you better utilise your existing storage space.

Perini Renovations Laundry Design

This sleek and modern laundry design by Perini Renovations includes a large amount of storage and bench space, ensuring the room is comfortable to work in. The drying cupboard in the corner includes ventilation in the cupboard door while a wall-mounted ironing system is seen reflected in the mirror splashback.

Update your Tapware & Paint in your Laundry Makeover

Aside from updating your laundry splashback tiles, replacing your existing tapware, hardware and wall paint in the laundry will work wonders in creating a whole new look! Make sure to match up your existing tapware with your new cabinetry handles to create a cohesive style. Wall paint in the laundry should ideally provide a surface finish that is easy to wipe clean and can handle the high amount of moisture and humidity in this part of the home. Your local paint and hardware store will be able to recommend the most ideal solutions for this area.

rose stone splash back tiles

A great way to breathe new life into your existing laundry room is to update the tapware and wall paint. Match up your new hardware with cabinetry handles to ensure a cohesive colour scheme in your laundry makeover. This space pairs glimmering gold tapware with our Rose Stone marble tiles to create a soft and glamorous look in the space.

Use Vertical Storage in your Laundry Makeover

Further enhance the overall functionality of your laundry room by making use of any available vertical storage space. This may include installing wall shelves, using the back of a door to hang brooms and mops or installing a wall-mounted pull-down ironing board. Each of these storage solutions will allow for a better functioning space while ensuring all available areas are put to good use – a technique that is especially handy when you are re-vamping a smaller space!

Include a Drying Rack or Rail in your Laundry Makeover

If your laundry room includes overhead cupboards, you may be able to install a drying rail directly beneath these (provided there is enough room between the base of the cupboards and the laundry benchtop to allow for clothing to comfortably be hung up). Once again, this will ensure a better functioning space and allow you more flexibility in how you dry your freshly washed clothes. If space allows, you may also consider including a wall-mounted drying rack; your local hardware store should sell products specific for this type of installation.

There are many different ways you can easily breathe new life into a tired or dated space. By updating areas such as the splashback, storage and hardware, you can easily change up not only the look of your existing laundry room but also ensure the space better meets your needs. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you with selecting your laundry room’s new colour scheme with options in laundry splashback tiles and floor tiles to suit every taste and budget – visit our Melbourne tiles store or shop for tiles online here.