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5 tips for selecting the perfect kitchen splashback tile

Kitchen tiles and more specifically, splashback tiles provide the means of completing and perfecting your entire kitchen scheme by drawing a connection between your selected cabinetry finishes, benchtop, wall paint and flooring. There are several key considerations to keep in mind when it comes to selecting your new splashback tiles, from the material used, to sizing and scale, as well as grout types and colours in order to create the perfect look. 

Which materials can I use as a kitchen splashback?

Kitchen splashback tile materials can vary from porcelain to ceramic, glass or stone. It is important to note that there are certain restrictions and guidelines that must be followed if you are to include a gas cooktop in your new kitchen in order to meet Australian Standards. A gas cooktop differentiates from other models as the heat radiates from the burners rather than being targeted directly to the underside of your cookware, as is the case with induction cooktops. This radiating heat will transfer to any nearby vertically installed surfaces (i.e. the splashback) and as such, there must be a minimum clearance of at least 200mm from your splashback and the nearest gas burner. In designs where meeting the minimum clearance isn’t practical, your splashback must be made of a non-combustible material (i.e. a material that will not readily catch on fire, stopping the spread of flames) to avoid any potential fire hazards in the kitchen. Porcelain is the very best choice in these situations and thankfully, there is an immense variety of porcelain tiles that are perfect for use as a splashback, ensuring your safety in the kitchen while also offering a myriad of both trending and timeless options that will suit any budget and style.


fish scale splashback tilesOur Moda collection features geometric patterns made of enamelled glass, perfect for use as a kitchen splashback.

What tile sizes can I use as a kitchen splashback?

Once again, you will find an astounding amount of choices available when it comes to choosing tile sizes. From miniscule mosaic tiles and traditional subway tiles to elongated rectangular shapes or more decorative feature pieces such as lantern or fish scale shaped tiles, the possibilities are truly limitless. 

Taking the overall size of your splashback space into account will make it easier to narrow down your options; Standard kitchen splashback heights are usually at 600mm however, this figure can be adjusted to suit as necessary, especially in the installation of custom designed kitchens, often ranging between the standard 600mm up to 700mm or 750mm depending on your own preferences.

terrazzo splashback tilesLarge format pieces such as our Terrazzo tiles can be used to create a luxuriously sleek and modern splashback that has the additional bonus of featuring minimal grout lines.

Mosaic tiles and subway tiles both offer a simple and elegant solution, one that will suit any size of kitchen splashback. Of course, these options do attract a slightly higher price tag when it comes to their installation, requiring more time and attention to detail to create a high quality finish. Larger tile sizes can also be used, with a popular trend being to use rectangular shaped tiles running vertically rather than horizontally across the length of your splashback creating a spectacular sense of added height in the your kitchen design. This style is especially suited to splashback heights of 600mm as this is a standard tile length that can be found in most collections, allowing for endless colour and texture choices. 

Colour, Pattern & Texture 

The most exciting part of selecting your new kitchen splashback tiles is browsing the never-ending ranges of colours, patterns and textures that are available. Your splashback allows you the ultimate in creative freedom, providing the perfect canvas to showcase your own unique style and personality in the home.  Splashback tiles however, allow you the option to select from a more decorative range of pieces, from 3D effect tiles, silky textures and decorative shapes such as the popular Moroccan lanterns or fish scale shaped tiles, allowing you the means to introduce pattern in your kitchen design.

ceramic wall tilesA creative way to introduce pattern in your kitchen design is to use exciting 3D designs, as demonstrated by our ultra-modern Wigwag collection. Made in Italy, the range includes 3 different colours.

What type of grout is best for a kitchen splashback?

The decision of whether to use traditional cement based grout or a more specialised product such as an epoxy grout will come down to your own preferences and budget.  Epoxy grout however, requires a quick and masterful hand to work with as it is fast setting, meaning that your Tiler will have to be quite experienced in using this product. As can be expected, the price of epoxy grout is higher than cement based products and also attracts a higher installation cost as well however, the added benefits of this product will provide a strong and durable finish that possesses a significantly longer lifespan than traditional products. 

Our stylish Flounder mosaic tiles feature an on-trend fish scale design. The pastel tone is perfectly complemented by a soft white grout in this example, perfectly framing each individual scale shape.

Care & Maintenance of Kitchen Tiles

As kitchen tiles are available in so many different materials, it is important to consider and understand your selection’s maintenance requirements prior to making your final decision. Materials such as porcelain and glass will usually only require a wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them clean however, natural stone tiles that are made of marble or terrazzo for example, will require sealing but also some extra care to ensure stains and marks are avoided: Perini Tiles stocks a range of cleaners and sealers that will help you keep any natural stone tiles looking like new!

marble splash back tiles

 Carrara  Marble is characterised by its bold veins and dramatic styling, creating a luxurious vibe in any kitchen design.

Our friendly and knowledgeable design team at Perini Tiles will guide you through the process of selecting your perfect kitchen splashback tiles whether you prefer an in-showroom consultation or a virtual visit using Zoom or Facetime. Our virtual consultations provide the perfect solution during this stay-at-home period, allowing you to keep your renovation plans on track. Your design consultant will walk you through all suitable options while also assisting you in curating the perfect colour palette, with tile samples being sent directly to your home to help you make a better choice. Book online here!