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5 Large Format Tile Trends to Inspire

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Large format tile options are available in a number of different materials and sizes, allowing the creation of any number of luxurious, high-end looks to be achieved in the home. These tiles can be used as a flooring solution or as a decorative wall tile, being a popular option as a bathroom wall tile, a kitchen wall tile or as a stunning feature tile in other areas of the home. From luxurious wallpaper inspired pattern tiles to lush terrazzo tiles and more, we explore five modern large format tile trends to inspire your next project!

The Benefits of Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles offer many benefits both inside and outside of the home. Due to their larger size, these tiles will ensure minimal grout lines in your project, creating a near seamless look that is great for large spaces as well as smaller rooms. Using large format tiles in smaller areas will in fact enhance the perception of space in a room, creating the illusion of a larger area. Large format tiles offer a popular flooring solution, with options available for indoor and outdoor use. Their many varied styles ensure a perfect fit for every type of project!

Colourful Wallpaper Inspired Large Format Tiles

Wallpapers in the home offer a wonderfully rich and tactile finish that is bursting with colour, pattern and texture. Although a popular option for the home, wallpaper can be difficult to keep clean and tidy. Furthermore, its use in wet areas of the home is fairly limited to very specific types and materials. Offering a stylish alternative option, our Paper41 Pro collection draws inspiration from traditional wallpaper designs, combining rich colours and patterns to create an elegant and bold design statement. Unlike traditional wallpaper, Paper41 Pro is made of durable porcelain, allowing for a simple to clean surface finish that can be used in all areas of the home, even in wet areas such as the bathroom and laundry room.

wallpaper tiles

Available in an impressive 500 x 1000mm size, the Paper41 Pro large format tiles offer a stunning alternative to traditional wallpapers for the home. These elegant tiles are available in a selection of different pattern options, each offering its own unique look and charm.

Natural Stone Inspired Tiles

Natural stone tiles have been a popular solution in interior design and architecture for hundreds of years, ensuring their place as a timeless choice for the home. Real natural stone tiles such as limestone, travertine or marble tiles are porous and as such, will require sealing in order to be best maintained over time. For those looking for more of a low maintenance solution, natural stone look tiles offer the next best choice! These tiles are designed to emulate the classic look and feel of real stone using a non-porous porcelain finish instead, allowing for a low maintenance tile option that will not require sealing. From travertine tiles to marble tiles and more, you will find many exciting large format stone-look tiling solutions available to suit any interior design style and budget!

Quake Large Format Tile

The sophisticated Quake collection is available in a wide variety of ethereal stone look options, complete with realistic variations in tone and pattern. This large format tile option is available in a 600x 1200mm size and can be used as a residential floor tile and wall tile.

Timeless Terrazzo Large Format Tile Options

First created as a means of using up by-products of the stone manufacturing industry, terrazzo tiles offer an incredibly durable and long lasting finish in the home. Made using a scattering of natural stone pieces embedded in a cement tile, terrazzo tiles continue to be a fabulous designer choice for all areas of the home. These elegant tiles are available in an endless range of sizes and colours, with options available to suit a range of different design aesthetics.

terrazzo tiles

Our authentic terrazzo tile collection includes a vast range of exciting colour options in a 400 x 400mm and 600 x 600mm size. These luxurious tiles are an excellent solution for both floors and walls throughout your home’s interior spaces.

Concrete Look Large Format Tile Options

Similar to natural stone look tiles, concrete look tiles are also made using porcelain. These contemporary designer tiles will show the same variations in tone and texture that real concrete tiles would while offering an alternative solution that will not require sealing, making them a popular choice for the busy home. Our sophisticated Oliver range offers a stunning representation of real concrete tiles. The collection includes a sleek, grey concrete option in a range of large format sizes along with matching pattern tile options to complete the look.

Oliver concrete look Large Format Tile

Our Oliver range includes a modern grey concrete tile along with matching pattern tiles that can be used to complete your designer look. Available in a whopping 2780 x 1200m size as well as a range of other tile sizes, the Oliver range is sure to ‘wow’!

Create a Seamless Look with Indoor/Outdoor Tiles

Creating a sense of continuity in your home’s colour scheme is an important step in the design process. There are many techniques you can use to achieve this; they can be as simple as selecting a specific colour and scattering it throughout your home’s interior and exterior spaces or you can opt to continue your selected flooring from the home’s indoor spaces to the outdoor areas. Any floor tile collections will include an indoor tile option along with a corresponding outdoor tile option that will allow you to continue the same flooring in adjoining indoor/outdoor spaces, creating a seamless sense of continuity in your design scheme.

Aggregato porcelain tiles_outdoor tiles

Made in Brazil, our Aggregato large format tiles include an indoor floor tile option along with matching outdoor tiles, allowing you to create a luxurious finish between adjoining indoor and outdoor spaces.

Large format tile trends include exciting wallpaper inspired pattern tiles, stone and concrete look tiles as well as classic terrazzo tile options. With an option available to suit any style of design, you are sure to find your perfect match! Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process, whether you are shopping with us in person in our Melbourne tiles store or shopping for tiles online!