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5 Kitchen Subway Tiles: Creating a Unique Look

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Kitchen subway tiles offer a timeless and versatile design solution. These classic tiles are available in a wide selection of materials and finishes that take a step away from the traditional white subway tile look and instead embrace a world of pattern, texture and colour to help you create a unique and personal look in your home. These five different subway tile solutions show just how creative you can be using this classic tiling solution in the kitchen!

Handmade Look Kitchen Subway Tiles

Handmade wall tiles create a rich and warm aesthetic in the home thanks to their luxurious variations in colour and their irresistibly tactile textures. As can be expected of a handcrafted product however, these types of tiles can be quite pricey; if you are looking to recreate this designer look at a different price point, handmade look tiles are the next best choice! These machine made tiles replicate the texture and look of an authentic handmade tile complete with variations in colour, texture, shape and thickness. Handmade look subway tiles offer a contemporary yet timeless spin on the classic subway tile look, creating more of a personal and unique touch when curating your interior design colour scheme.

Modi Kitchen Subway Tiles

Available in a selection of nature-inspired colours, the luxurious Modi subway tiles can be used to add a glamorous touch in the kitchen as a splashback tile. The rich colour options available will elevate your kitchen’s colour scheme, offering more of a unique and personal touch in your design.

Combining Tile Shapes & Finishes

A great way to add more of a personal touch to classic white subway tiles is to pair them with a contrasting tile. By combining different tile shapes or finishes, you can create a stunning look in the home that will instantly add more of a glamorous touch in your interior design scheme. The example below combines classic white kitchen subway tiles with luxurious marble tiles to create a more tactile finish while creating a strong element of interest in this modern all white kitchen.

Fracture_Kitchen Subway Tiles

Our elegant Fracture kitchen subway tiles can be paired with a range of different materials and finishes to create a stunning look.

Metallic Tile Finishes

Metallic tiles are a popular solution when it comes to adding a glamorous touch in the home. These types of tiles are especially effective when looking to liven up a darker room as their reflective finish will allow light to travel throughout the space, brightening up darker areas while creating a luxe finish in the home. Metallic subway tiles make for the perfect touch in a darker kitchen colour scheme, adding just the right amount of contrast while creating a glamorous and sophisticated look.

Chrysos_Metallic Subway Tiles

Our Chrysos metallic subway tiles can be used in the kitchen to create a sophisticated and luxurious colour scheme. These show-stopping kitchen subway tiles will perfectly complement darker spaces or colour schemes, creating a surface finish that will allow light to travel through the room.

Kitchen Subway Tile Patterns

Another fabulous way to add more personality and character to classic kitchen subway tiles is to explore a range of different tile layouts or patterns. The beauty of subway tiles is that they can be laid in a large variety of patterns from the classic brick bond style to more modern stacked layouts, intricate basket weave styles and plenty more. Whether you opt to use classic white tiles or colourful subway tiles instead, experimenting with a range of tile layouts and patterns will help you create a unique look in your new kitchen design scheme. Find out more about subway tile layouts in our guide here.

Bata Brick Tiles_Kitchen Subway Tiles

Our Bata brick tiles offer a modern take on the traditional subway tile, recreating the look and feel of a distressed brick finish. These unique tiles can be used in a modern kitchen design scheme to add elements of texture and pattern, being a popular solution as a kitchen splashback tile. Bata can also be used as an outdoor wall tile making them an excellent fit for an outdoor kitchen as well!

Kitchen Feature Walls

Use your kitchen’s walls as a canvas to create a stunning visual in your new design scheme! Including a feature wall in the kitchen is the perfect method for providing a strong sense of continuity in adjoining spaces such as the dining and living area. The benefit of using tiles to create a feature wall in the home instead of traditional paints or wallpapers is that wall tiles will offer more of a low maintenance finish, making cleaning up a breeze. Using your kitchen splashback tile, continue your tiles along the length of your selected feature wall for a luxurious and consistent finish in this central part of your home.

Riverside_Pink Tiles

The stylish Riverside kitchen subway tiles offer a glimmering and colourful solution for creating a stunning feature wall. A tiled kitchen feature wall will unite adjoining spaces to create a seamless look in your interior design scheme.

Kitchen subway tiles are most often spotted in their classic white form however, there are many modern options available that allow for a more unique and personal touch to be achieved in your kitchen design scheme. These timeless tiles can be used in a variety of ways to create a sense of texture a pattern while allowing you to completely explore your creativity when creating your colour scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you through the tile selection process, providing expert advice at every step of the way to ensure your perfect look is achieved – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!