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5 Herringbone Design Ideas for your Home

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The traditional herringbone tile pattern is made of rectangular shaped tiles that are laid at a 45 degree angle with each tile interlocking with the next. The herringbone design adds a luxurious and timeless quality to your home’s interior design scheme, creating a luscious patterned element and a classic finishing touch. The traditional herringbone design can be incorporated in any style of home with a range of different types of tile materials, colours and finishes available.

Stone Look Herringbone Tiles

Stone look tiles are most often made using porcelain, resulting in an extremely hard wearing and long lasting finish for the home. Porcelain tiles are known for being resistant to heat, moisture, scratching and staining, making them an ideal solution for use in all areas of the home. Small format herringbone design porcelain tile options can often be used as a wall tile as well as a floor tile throughout your home’s interior spaces with outdoor tile options also available to help you create a seamless style between adjoining indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces.

North Star_Herringbone Design

North Star offers an elegant stone look porcelain tile option that can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution throughout your home’s interior spaces. These stylish tiles make for the perfect complement to any style of interior design thanks to their classic and timeless aesthetic and neutral colour palette.

Herringbone Design Using Marble Tiles

Marble tiles have long been a favourite choice for the home, adding a rich and timeless quality to your interior design scheme. Marble is available in a vast range of naturally occurring colours from the traditional black and white marble varieties to soft pink, mint or cream tones, allowing you to create a stylish theme in your next home renovation using this elegant natural stone option that will tie in with a range of trending materials and styles.

Nero Marquina Marble Tiles

Our extensive Nero Marquina collection includes an impressive selection of tile formats, from elegant Art Deco themed patterns to classic herringbone designs. This deep black marble creates a bold statement in any style of interior creating a luxurious and timeless quality in the home.

Mini Mosaic Tiles with a Herringbone Design

Herringbone tile patterns are most often created using larger subway tiles however, this stylish tile layout pattern can also be created using mini mosaic tiles. These types of tiles offer a wonderfully tactile quality to your home’s interior design scheme, creating a sense of character and charm in any application.

NYC Mosaic Tiles__Herringbone Design

Featuring clean and simple lines, our NYC mini herringbone mosaic tiles create a tactile experience in any application. These designer tiles are available in two modern colours to complement any style of interior design, adding a classic finishing touch to the home.

3D Feature Wall Tiles

3D tiles combine raised and lowered surfaces to create a stunning play on light and shadow. These modern tiles can be used in any area of the home as a stylish feature wall tile option, adding a contemporary finishing touch to your interior design scheme. 3D wall tiles offer the perfect choice as a feature tile in your home’s entryway or living space while also being a wonderful option for more traditional applications such as the bathroom or kitchen. Highlight the tile’s unique surfaces using feature lighting for a dramatic touch!

3d tiles Konvek

A low maintenance glazed ceramic tile, Konvek features raised surfaces to create an elegant 3D effect. The collection includes a stylish selection of modern colours and neutral tones to choose from, making an ideal designer tile solution for a contemporary styled home.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Ceramic tiles provide a wonderfully low maintenance solution as a wall tile in the home. Glazed ceramic tile options will often feature a sleek and smooth surface finish that is simple to wipe down and clean. Furthermore, this baked-on glaze forms a protective barrier across the tile which means that ceramic tiles will not require sealing, making them an ideal solution for a busy home kitchen. The herringbone tile pattern can be incorporated in your new kitchen’s splashback to add a glamorous finishing touch to your design scheme, instantly adding a characteristic touch to the space.

Daliri Subway Tiles_Herringbone Design

Our Daliri subway tile collection is available in a selection of modern colour options to suit a modern or contemporary styled interior design scheme. These luscious tiles feature a sleek, glossy surface finish that makes them simple to clean and care for, ideal for a kitchen splashback tile!

Using a herringbone design in your next home renovation or new build project will add life, energy and character to your interior design scheme. This classic tile layout can be incorporated in any area of the home, from the kitchen to the bathroom and more.

Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you in the selection of your perfect tiles and can recommend the best tile layouts to suit your needs and style preferences: visit our Richmond tile shop or shop for tiles online here.