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5 Bold Kitchen Splashback Tile Options

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A kitchen’s splashback is the area of your overall design scheme where you can allow your creative side to run wild! Kitchen cabinets and benchtops can be exceptionally difficult and costly to replace later on down the track should you tire of their colour or style however, a splashback can usually be easily replaced if you’d like to change things up in the kitchen. These bold kitchen splashback tile options offer a dynamic choice for a true feature element in your new design.

Bold Colours & Geometric Pattern Tiles

Using bold, heavily saturated colour in your kitchen splashback tile selection is a sure-fire way to create a bold touch in your new design scheme. Mosaic tiles are an excellent option when you are looking to include bold bursts of colour as well as pattern in your kitchen design scheme as these collections will often feature a wider variety of colour options than most other tile types. Mosaic tiles are available in a range of hard wearing and durable materials such as porcelain or natural stone for example with the most popular material in mosaic tiles being glass.

Pippa Collection_Kitchen Splashback Tile

The Pippa collection includes an array of bold and striking colours in a stylish contemporary format that instantly adds an energetic touch to your design scheme. This Hamptons inspired kitchen design uses matching blue cabinetry to create that perfect balance.

Handmade Kitchen Splashback Tile Options: Experimenting with Light & Texture

The warmth and charm of a handmade tile is simply unparalleled! These tiles show uneven edges with softly undulating surfaces as well as variations in depth or saturation of colour, with each individual tile being unique from the next. These imperfections are celebrated as they simply add to the character and charm of these exciting wall tile options. As a result of these variations, you will find that the sleek glazes that are usually applied to these sorts of tiles will create a stunning ‘rippled-water’ effect as light bounces off their surface.

Modie Kitchen Splashback Tile

The Italian made Modi collection recreates that authentic handmade look and feel in a glazed porcelain subway tile option. These elegant tiles are available in an assortment of earthy tones and can be laid in a range of different patterns to help you create the perfect look in your new kitchen. In this example, the Modi subway tiles are laid in a horizontally stacked pattern – you may opt for a stylish herringbone tile pattern instead or a classic brick bond look in your new design.

Timeless Terrazzo Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have experienced quite the comeback in the world of interior design over the last few years, cementing this design option as a timeless classic for the home. The beauty of terrazzo tiles is that they make it exceptionally simple to mix and match colours in your new kitchen; select a colour that is present in the assorted flecks featured throughout the terrazzo tile pattern and use this as inspiration for the balance of your colour scheme. This technique will help you create that perfectly balanced look in your new kitchen.


Our Galleria collection offers a porcelain alternative to traditional terrazzo tiles, offering an excellent alternative option for the home. These elegant tiles come in a classic 200 x 200 size and are suitable for use as a kitchen floor tile or as a kitchen splashback tile.

Traditional terrazzo tiles are made using assorted chips of natural stones embedded in concrete, making these tiles porous and therefore requiring sealing in order to ensure their longevity in the home. For those looking for a low maintenance alternative solution however, porcelain replica tiles offer an excellent choice! The example above shows just how realistic porcelain replica tiles can be, offering the perfect alternative option.

Tactile Surfaces: Including Texture in your Kitchen Design

Adding an element of texture in your new kitchen design scheme will create a strong sense of character and interest in the space. From mosaic tiles to natural stone, ceramic tiles and more, there are endless options available that will allow you to experiment with different textures in the space to complement your selected benchtop, cabinetry and kitchen flooring.

Our exciting Suti collection is made in Japan and draws inspiration from traditional architecture to create a modern look in the home. These unique mosaic tiles feature a stunning basket weave tile pattern, available in a selected range of sleek, contemporary colour options.

Experimenting with Shapes & Patterns

Including a range of different shapes and patterns in your new design scheme is another exciting way to add a bold and dynamic touch to your home, creating a striking feature element in your design. You will find many exciting different shapes available in various tile collections from hexagon tiles, penny-round tiles and more. An exciting emerging trend in the world of designer tiles is mosaic tiles in various shapes that are designed to fit together to create a stunning visual.

Our natural stone Star Marble collection combines a selection of different tile shapes and natural marbles to create a spectacular pattern. These luxurious tiles are perfect for use as a kitchen splashback tile, offering beauty and elegance as well as a hard wearing and durable solution.

When creating your new kitchen design scheme, the splashback is often the ideal location to showcase your own unique creative flair. These exciting options offer a range of different design solutions that will allow you to experiment with a range of colours, materials, shapes and patterns for a wonderfully personal look in your home.