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5 Bold & Colourful Feature Tiles

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Add a unique and personal touch in your home’s interior design scheme with a selection of bold and colourful feature tiles! Taking a step away from the traditional neutral tones that are popular in the home, incorporating a colourful tile option will instantly elevate your design scheme by creating a strong sense of energy and personality. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite colourful feature tiles to suit every different interior design style, from classic to contemporary.

Create a Tactile Feature with Colourful Kit Kat Tiles

Kit Kat tiles continue to be a popular feature of modern interior design thanks to their ability to create a subtle yet impactful feature in the home. These elegant mosaic tiles are often used to create feature walls in the home, being ideal as a bathroom tile or as a splashback tile. As a result of their immense appeal and popularity, Kit Kat tiles can be found in a wide range of luxurious designer colour options from mossy green tiles to deep, ocean blue tiles and more.

yubi kit kat tiles_green tiles

Our luxurious Yubi collection includes an impressive array of stylish colour options to choose from. Yubi Kit Kat tiles can be used to create dynamic feature elements throughout your home’s interior spaces, making for a stylish choice as a bathroom tile or as a kitchen splashback tile.

Colourful Feature Tiles with a Handmade Style

Traditional handmade tiles create a rich and sophisticated look in the home. These tiles are famous for their unique imperfections, showing variations in their depth of colour, shape, size, texture and thickness as a result of the hand crafting process, making them a well sought after feature tile solution for any area of the home. If you are on the hunt for elegant handmade tiles, you may also want to consider handmade look tiles as an option; these tiles are machine made however, they have been specifically designed to emulate the luxurious aesthetic qualities of authentically handmade tiles in a different price point, allowing for a more accessible option for different applications throughout the home.

Undulato handmade look tiles_Colourful Feature Tiles

Available in a selection of rich and vibrant colour options, the Undulato collection features a luscious undulating surface finish that effortlessly emulates the irresistibly tactile qualities of handmade tiles. These lush feature tiles can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces and even as a pool tile.

Incredibly Vivid Interiors with Colourful Feature Tiles

Playful, exciting and bursting with character, the Rainbow Prism collection is a luxurious octagon shaped tile that features a stunning rainbow design. Each individual tile interlocks with the next and displays a varying array of rich and playful colours that will bring your interior design scheme to life! The Rainbow Prism collection is suitable for use as a floor and wall tile throughout your home’s interior spaces, offering a spectacular display of colour for every space!

Rainbow Prism_rainbow tiles

An exciting octagon tile option, Rainbow Prism makes for the ultimate in colourful feature tiles for any area of the home. These hard wearing and durable porcelain tiles can be used as either a floor or wall tile solution, adding a rich, playful and vibrant statement.

Colourful Features with Porcelain Sheets

Large porcelain sheets can be used as a stylish cladding solution for the home with the added bonus of minimising grout lines. This quality makes porcelain sheets a popular choice for wet areas such as the bathroom for example however, they can also be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create stunning visual features. These types of panels can add a vibrant touch to any interior design scheme with options available that feature large, dynamic patterns ranging from lush botanicals, geometric patterns and plenty more.

Perini Paper41 Pro_Colourful Feature Tiles

Our Paper41 Pro collection includes a stunning range of luxurious feature tile options ranging from elegant botanical patterns, geometric styles and plenty more. These luxurious large format porcelain tile sheets can be used to clad your home’s interior spaces to create rich and sophisticated feature walls that are bursting with colour and character!

Geometric Pattern Tiles

Pattern tiles have long been used in the home to create stunning design elements, being a strong feature of historical homes. In modern design, you have the option of choosing from traditional styles to create a subtle vintage inspired look in your design scheme or instead, choosing from a range of modern and contemporary options that will create a luxuriously futuristic finishing touch. From geometric patterns that interlock with the next tile in the series to checkerboard style looks or traditional motifs, pattern tiles can be found in an endless range of luxurious designer solutions to help you create a unique and personal touch in your home.

Nassu Pattern Tiles_Colourful Feature Tiles

Available in a selection of vibrant and bold colours and patterns, the Nassu collection offers a dynamic touch for any interior space. Inspired by the playful colours and patterns featured in retro design styles, Nassu combines the old with the new to create a luxurious contemporary feature tile option.

When you are looking to create a stylish feature in your home that will showcase your own unique sense of creativity, bold, colourful feature tiles will allow you to completely explore the many different design possibilities available! Our Melbourne tiles showroom houses an endless collection of the designer tiles to help you create that perfect designer touch in your next project. Our team is always on hand to help guide you through the very best options to suit your own unique sense of style – Visit us or shop for tiles online here!