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4 Ways to use Decorative Tiles in your Home

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Decorative tiles can be used in many different ways throughout the home where you are looking to add a vibrant burst of colour and pattern. Feature tiles offer the opportunity to explore more creative design solutions in the home while highlighting key areas in a space such as the kitchen or bathroom. There are many ways to decorate using tiles from creating a stunning feature in the kitchen or bathroom to cladding your fireplace. We explore some of our favourite decorative tiling solutions that will add an elegant finishing touch to your interior design scheme.

Bathroom Feature Walls using Decorative Tiles

When choosing your bathroom’s feature wall, consider which design element you are wanting to highlight. This could be a large shower area, a luxurious freestanding bathtub or a stylish vanity unit. The wall directly behind these items is usually the best choice as a feature wall. Decorative tiles allow you to add a bold sense of colour, shape or pattern in this part of your bathroom design scheme whether you opt to use a luscious natural stone tile, a pattern tile or a mosaic tile feature. Balance out the look of your feature wall tiles with more subtle, neutral tones in the remainder of your bathroom’s wall tiles to create a dramatic and harmonious look in your overall design scheme.

Argo Porcelain Tiles_Blue Tiles

The Argo Porcelain tile collection includes an array of bold, playful colours in a hexagon tile shape. Each tile interlocks with the next to create a dynamic geometric pattern, perfect for creating a modern feature wall in the bathroom.

Luxurious Pool Tile Patterns

Glass mosaic tiles are one of the most popular solutions for use as an indoor or outdoor pool tile. These tile collections are often available in an endless range of colour options from traditional aquatic blue and green tiles to modern black tiles, purple tiles and everything in between! When creating your new pool’s design, you have the option of adding your own unique touch to your decorative pool tile selection with options available that will allow you to customise not only the pool’s colour but also allow you to add stylish patterns and artwork with the use of mosaic tiles. Images and patterns are formed using contrasting coloured glass mosaic tiles, creating a modern and unique touch in any style of home.

Bisazza Pool Tiles_Decorative Tiles

Our Bisazza pool tiles are available in a rainbow of different colour options. These tiles can be custom ordered to suit your preferences in terms of colour and pattern, allowing you to experiment with a range of luxurious mosaic tile art when planning your new pool’s design.

Decorative Tiles in the Kitchen

Kitchen tiles can be used as a flooring solution or as a wall tile solution in this area of the home, offering immense durability, longevity and a low maintenance quality. Once again, kitchen tiles are available in an endless range of luxurious options with natural stone tiles (such as marble tiles for example) and ceramic or porcelain wall tiles being popular choices for use in the kitchen. Each of these options are available in a wide range of designer colours, patterns, shapes and textures, offering you the opportunity to create a stunning and unique personal style in your new kitchen.

Dolce Pattern TIle

Our Dolce pattern tiles are used in this sophisticated modern kitchen design as a splashback tile and as a feature tile on the island bench. Being made of durable porcelain, the Dolce tiles are resistant to moisture, scratching, staining and heat, making them a low maintenance choice for the kitchen.

rosetta marble tile

Another exciting way to add a sense of character and charm to your new kitchen’s design scheme using decorative tiles is to clad the face of your kitchen island. Our Rosetta marble tiles are used in this luscious kitchen as a decorative touch that effortlessly complements the soft whites, timbers and brass finishes used in this kitchen.

Tactile Fireplace Tiles

Using tiles to clad your fireplace surround or hearth creates a rich and refined quality in your interior design scheme while allowing you to reap the benefits of the low maintenance qualities of tiles. Porcelain tiles, concrete tiles and natural stone tiles are the most popular options for this type of application with some ceramic tile collections also being a top choice as a wall tile surrounding the fireplace. For more exciting ideas on decorating your fireplace with tiles, visit our recent blog post: Stylish Fireplace Tiles – Inspiration for your Fireplace and Hearth.

Volos Fireplace Tiles

Our Volos subway tiles are used as a fireplace hearth tile in this example, offering a versatile and durable finish in this area of the home. These lusciously tactile natural stone tiles are available in a selection of earthy charcoal tones, providing the perfect complement to any style of interior.

Decorative tiles can be used to highlight key areas throughout your home’s interior design scheme, allowing you to experiment with a range of luxurious materials, shapes, patterns and colours to create a unique and personal touch. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best options to suit your intended application, offering expert advice and styling tips to help bring your project together – Visit our Melbourne tiles showroom or start shopping for tiles online here.