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4 Stylish Laundry Tile Ideas: Creating an Elegant Laundry Design

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An often overlooked area of the design process, the laundry room can be created in such a way that its overall style complements the design aesthetic of the rest of your home for a cohesive and elegant look throughout your interiors. As the laundry room is considered a wet area in the home, a tiled splashback and tiled flooring will provide an excellent solution in keeping this area safe from excess moisture and humidity. There are many exciting laundry tiles available to choose from that will create an elegant and sophisticated look in your design from classic marble tiles to timeless terrazzo tiles and more.

Sophisticated Luxury: Marble Laundry Tiles

A classic and timeless choice for the home, marble tiles offer a unique and sophisticated style. Available in a vast range of naturally occurring colours and patterns, marble can be used to easily complement your home’s interior design scheme, pairing well with classical and contemporary design styles alike. From the soft mint tones of Jade Marble to playful blush tones of Rose Marble, there are many elegant marble tile options available to choose from for the laundry room.

rose stone splash back

Available in a selection of different tile formats, our Rose Stone marble tiles can be used as a wall or floor tile solution in the home to complement a range of different interior design styles.

Being a porous material, natural marble will require sealing in order to be best maintained over time. It is also important to note that natural stone tiles should be kept clean with gentle cleansers that are specific to natural materials; for more detailed information on caring for marble tiles, visit our Resources section.

Tactile Texture: Handmade Look Tiles

Traditionally handmade tiles will show unique imperfections from one tile to the next as a result of the hand crafting process. Variations can occur in their shape, texture, finish, colour and thickness. When combined, these tiles will create a wonderfully tactile look in any application, creating a warm and soothing atmosphere in your design scheme. Although handmade look tiles are machine made, they still offer the same look as a classically handmade tiles at a different price point. Handmade look tiles will show similar variations for an authentic finishing touch in your new laundry room’s design scheme.

Sora handmade look tile_Laundry Tile

Elegant and charming, the Sora handmade look tile collection features the same variations one would expect to see in an authentically handmade tile. Sora is available in a variety of stylish colours that will easily complement any style of interior design for a consistent look throughout your home.

Creating Patterns: Combining Laundry Tile Shapes

A great way to introduce more pattern and energy in your laundry room’s design scheme is to combine different tile shapes. Subway tiles and classic square tiles are a classic pairing as their simple shapes will easily line up to create a stylish contemporary pattern. The best way to recreate this look is to select tiles from the same collection; this will ensure the most consistent look in your laundry tile layout.

Bala Handmade Look Tiles_subway Tiles

Available in a selection of soft and elegant colour options, the Bala handmade look tiles are available in square and subway tile formats that be used individually or combined to create a unique pattern.

Timeless Terrazzo Laundry Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a timeless choice for the home making for a versatile and durable laundry room tile. Traditional terrazzo tiles have been included in interior design over the last century and were first introduced as a means of using up by-products of the natural stone and glass industries; leftover chips of natural stones or coloured glass would be embedded into a cement tile, creating the luxurious spotted style terrazzo is so well known for. These tiles continue to be made in this fashion, offering an incredibly hard wearing designer tile solution for any area of the home!

laundry-teknika-terrazzo_laundry tile

Available in an endless range of luxurious colour options, the Teknika Terrazzo tile collection can be used as a floor or wall tile in the home, offering an incredibly hard wearing and durable laundry tile solution that can pair well with any number of interior design styles.

Each of these four stylish laundry tile options will pair well with any style of interior design, allowing you to create a continuous theme throughout your home. From elegant natural stone tiles to handmade tiles, terrazzo tiles and more, our Melbourne tiles store is full of luxurious designer tile options to help you create that perfect look in your next renovation or build!