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4 Key Design Elements of an Art Deco Bathroom

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First becoming popular in the world of design and architecture in the 1920s and then continuing to grow through the 30s, the Art Deco style of design used a range of luxurious materials, finishes, colours and patterns to evoke a sense of elegance and refinement. This type of interior design style is defined by luscious pastel mint tones, natural marbles, glimmering metallic finishes and geometric patterns, with each element combining to create a visually striking theme. When creating an Art Deco bathroom style, there are several areas to consider in order to achieve that perfect balance of traditional and modern.

Art Deco Bathroom Colours

Soft, pale shades of blue and green were popular options during the Art Deco era with bolder accent colours such as deep reds, blues and yellows also being used. Modern colour palettes that draw inspiration from the Art Deco period tend to focus more on the pastel tones rather than the more saturated colour options as they provide a softer look and pair exceptionally well with a range of modern finishes and materials.

Bisazza Vintage_Art Deco Bathroom

Our Bisazza Vintage collection includes a selection of Art Deco inspired tones. These luscious glass mosaic tiles measure 25 x 25mm and feature irregular edges to create a handmade look, filling your Art Deco bathroom design with a tactile quality.

Luxurious Bathroom Finishes

Natural marbles were a prominent feature of the Art Deco era. From Statuario to Carrara or Pietra Grey, you will find that classic charcoal or soft white marble options were popular choices. These types of natural stones continue to be a popular choice for the home, providing a rich and timeless quality to any design scheme. When creating your colour and materials palette for your Art Deco styled bathroom, consider including either natural or man-made marble look options to create the same elegant quality in your home!

Armani Marble Tiles_3D Tiles

The Armani collection includes natural Statuario and Pietra Grey marble varieties in stylish 3D effect patterns. These luxurious wall tiles add a wonderfully tactile element in an Art Deco bathroom design scheme, acting as the perfect feature tile that will complement the other themed elements of the space.

Patterns for an Art Deco Bathroom

The Art Deco period used a number of different stylised patterns to create a dynamic atmosphere. Zigzags, chevron styles, triangular shapes and fans were all favourite patterns often used in this style of design. These patterns can easily be incorporated in an Art Deco bathroom design scheme using a variety of floor or wall tiles; pattern tiles that feature printed-on designs are a popular choice here as are 3D effect wall tiles. These types of tiles use a combination of raised and lowered surfaces in a repeating pattern that uses light and shadow for maximum impact. You can also introduce pattern into your design scheme with the use of different tile shapes. Popular choices for an Art Deco inspired space include: triangle shaped tiles, chevron tile patterns, fan designs and more.

Tranquil_Fan Pattern Tiles

The elegant Tranquil collection most definitely lives up to its name! Combining soft colours with stunning patterns, these pattern tiles draw inspiration from the traditional Art Deco fan pattern, combining shades of charcoal, white and a soft mint to create a stylish design.

Glimmering Metallic Finishes

No Art Deco bathroom design scheme would be complete without the use of glimmering metallic finishes! The example below uses gold hardware throughout the space to provide a sense of warmth as well as luxury, contrasting the bold black finishes included in the design. A ribbed glass shower screen further enhances the Art Deco inspired style while a glass mosaic tile feature wall creates a dramatic finishing touch in the space.

Greg Natale Bisazza_Art Deco Bathroom

A collaborative effort between world renowned Interior Designer Greg Natale and Italy’s well-known glass mosaic tile creators Bisazza, this stylish collection of mosaic tiles includes luscious feature patterns in a selection of opulent colour options.

An Art Deco inspired bathroom design scheme can include a combination of patterns, selected colours, textures and metallic hardware to create a luxe palette that can either be a direct representation of this architectural period or loosely inspired by it. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best options to help your creative vision come to life, whether you are shopping for tiles online or visiting us in person!