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4 Designer Tile Looks we Love for the Bathroom!

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Tiles are available in a virtually endless range of options from elegant subway tiles, natural stone varieties, pattern tiles and plenty more. Their versatility in the home opens the door for many creative looks to be achieved with options available to suit every possible taste and style. These top designer tile options each offer a timeless and elegant aesthetic in the home, being an excellent choice for the bathroom where a touch of sophisticated luxury is most often desired!

Luxurious Marble Subway Tiles

The timeless qualities of a natural marble are next to none! Marble has been included in architecture and design for thousands of years, ensuring its place as a timeless classic that will never fade from style. Marble subway tiles are a popular solution for the bathroom as they can be incorporated in just about any style of interior design, from the traditional to the ultra-modern, easily complementing a range of different materials and colours.

Marble tiles are available in a surprisingly large array of naturally occurring colour options from the classic soft white Calacatta or Carrara marble varieties to deep jade tones, blush pinks, modern charcoal options and plenty more!

Calacatta Marble Tiles_Subway Tiles

Our Calacatta collection includes a selection of trending and timeless tile formats from the classic subway tile format to hexagon tile options and more. These stunning natural stone tiles can be used as a floor or wall tile in the home, being a popular solution for the bathroom where they can be used to effortlessly complement a range of stylish colours and fittings such as the soft blush tones and gold hardware featured in this example.

Handmade Look Designer Tile Options

Traditionally handmade tiles create a sophisticated yet earthy charm in the bathroom thanks to their lusciously tactile finish. As a result of the hand making process, these types of tiles feature variations in their colouring, shape and texture that when combined create a stunning patchwork style look. Making for the perfect feature wall tile in the bathroom, handmade tiles are available in a large selection of colours, shapes and sizes with some varieties also allowing for custom orders to be created.

As can be expected, handmade tiles can fetch quite the price tag! If you are looking to recreate this luscious look at a different price point, handmade look tiles are the next best solution. These machine made tile collections are designed to emulate the look and feel of a true handmade product, complete with variations in colour, shape and texture for an authentic designer touch.

Riverside Handmade Look Tiles_Designer Tile for the bathroom

The Riverside handmade look tile collection includes a selection of rich, glossy colour options that recreate the look and feel of an authentically handmade product, offering a well sought after designer tile option at a different price point.

Crazy Paver Designer Tile Options

The crazy paver look was traditionally reserved for outdoor paving where randomised shapes of stone or concrete would be used to create a traditionally styled driveway or pathway. This playful style can now be introduced in your interior design scheme as well with the use of crazy paver tiles! These tiles are most often made using assorted natural stones and can be used as a floor or wall finishing in your home’s interior spaces. Crazy paver tiles have proven to be a popular solution when it comes to creating a feature wall in the bathroom, offering a playful and tactile experience that will introduce a strong element of colour and pattern.

Crazy Paver Tiles_Designer tile for the bathroom

Our Crazy Paver designer tile collection includes a range of different natural marble varieties to choose from. These stylish tiles can be used to create a stunning feature wall or feature flooring in your new bathroom’s design scheme.

Modern Pattern Tile Options for the Bathroom

Patterns can be created using wall or floor tiles in the bathroom in a number of different ways: The tiles can feature a pattern directly on their surface or the tiles can form a pattern with their shape. Triangle tiles, hexagon tiles and penny round tiles for example are all examples of different shapes or formats of tiles that can be used to create elegant patterns in the bathroom. Concrete tiles however, will often form a classic square shape that feature a pattern on their surface instead, introducing pattern in a design scheme in this fashion. Porcelain tiles are another popular choice when you are looking to introduce a sense of pattern in the bathroom as they are available in such a wide variety of shapes and styles. The example below uses a porcelain feature wall tile in a brilliant turquoise tone. These elegant tiles are a hexagon shape and also feature a pattern on their surface with each tile interlocking with the next to form a modern geometric look.

Argo Porcelain Tiles_Bathroom Tiles

The Argo porcelain designer tiles are available in a selection of striking colour options that effortlessly emulate the look and feel of a handmade encaustic tile. These porcelain tiles can be used to create visually stunning feature elements in your new bathroom’s design scheme, where they are used as a floor or wall tiles solution.

When you are looking to add a sense of drama, colour and pattern in the bathroom, there are many exciting designer tile options available to choose from. Whether you opt for a classic natural stone tile, a modern pattern tile or elegant handmade tile, the possibilities are truly endless when bringing your creative vision to life in the bathroom!