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4 Design Ideas using White Terrazzo Tiles

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Classic white terrazzo tiles will add a subtle yet striking element of pattern in any area of the home. These tiles have historically been used throughout the home’s interior and exterior spaces as a strong and durable finish that can last a lifetime with the right care. There are many ways to include luscious white terrazzo tiles throughout your home’s design scheme to complement a range of different design styles from classic to contemporary.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

A classic white kitchen design scheme ensures a timeless aesthetic in the home. A simple, crisp white can easily be paired with a range of different materials, finishes and textures, allowing you to easily change up the overall look of your kitchen whenever you choose using decorative pieces that can easily be swapped out. Complement a simple white kitchen with durable white terrazzo tiles to further enhance the timeless elegance of this classic style.

New Tech White Terrazzo Tiles

Available in a selection of soft neutral colour options our New Tech collection features a  600 x 600mm terrazzo tile size that can comfortably be used as both a floor and wall tile solution in the kitchen.

Luxurious Living Room Tiles

Tiling your living room will provide an incredibly low maintenance finish in this part of the home. Floor tiles can easily be kept clean and tidy, making them an excellent choice for busy homes as well as allergy sufferers who would prefer the low maintenance qualities that floor tiles offer in comparison to other solutions.  White terrazzo tiles offer an excellent choice in this part of the home, being a luxurious yet subtle neutral backdrop to complement bolder textures and colours. Furthermore, using terrazzo floor tiles in the living area of the home allows you to easily run the same flooring throughout the home, from the kitchen to the entry way, creating a strong sense of continuity in your interior design scheme.

New Tech 2.0 Living Room Tiles

Our New Tech 2.0 Terrazzo tiles feature a luxurious small to medium chip size to create a luscious pattern. These durable floor tiles are available in a popular 600 x 600mm size, providing a timeless floor tile solution.

Creating a Feature in the Bathroom with White Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles are widely used as a bathroom tile thanks to the impressive strength and longevity they offer in this area of the home. A popular design solution, white terrazzo tiles are available in a range of different options with various chip sizes and chip colours available to choose from. These qualities ensure there is a suitable option to suit any style of bathroom design and colour scheme, allowing you to mix and match a variety of colours or materials to create a unique look.

Teknika White Terrazzo Tiles_Bathroom Tiles

Our elegant Teknika collection includes a wide variety of monochrome tile options as well as more colourful varieties to choose from, ensuring there is a style to suit any interior design scheme.

Terrazzo Splashback Tiles for the Kitchen & Laundry

Splashback tiles in the kitchen and laundry allow you the opportunity to get a little more creative in the way you include colour and pattern in your design scheme with options available in white terrazzo tile collections to suit any number of home styles. Once again, the impressive strength and durability terrazzo offers will be an extremely beneficial design feature in these spaces, providing a low maintenance finish in these busy (and messy!) areas of the home. Pick out a terrazzo tile option that includes chip colours that will match or complement your overall colour scheme to ensure a sense of balance in your home’s kitchen and laundry room.

Terrazzo kitchen tiles_White Terrazzo Tiles

Available in a variety of sizes and colours, our traditional Terrazzo collection can be used as a floor or wall tile solution in the home, being a popular choice for use in the laundry and bathroom thanks to its low maintenance qualities.

White terrazzo tiles are available in a variety of sizes as well as different options in terms of chip patterns and colours, ensuring there is a unique and stylish option available to suit any interior design scheme. Our Melbourne tiles store houses an immense collection of terrazzo tiles whilst our knowledgeable staff can offer expert tips and advice at every step of the tile selection and ordering process; Visit us or shop for tiles online here!