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3D Tiles: Experimenting with Patterns & Textures

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3D tiles offer a stunning visual display of light, shadow, pattern and texture, creating a luscious tactile feature element in any interior design scheme. Our latest 3D tile options present an impressive range of options to suit just about any taste and style, from warm, floral or botanical patterns to rustic pebble-like panels, elegant marble options and plenty more!

Tailler 3D Tiles

One of our latest additions to our extensive catalogue, the Italian made Tailler Ceramic Tile collection presents a wonderfully textured surface finish that is suitable for use on all interior walls, making it an ideal choice when looking to create a patterned feature wall in the kitchen or bathroom. This exciting modern tile collection is available in a selection of shades and various patterns, from botanical designs to pebble-looks and more, allowing you to create a stylish feature element in any interior design scheme.

Tailler_3D Tiles

The Tailler Ceramic collection is available in two elegant neutral tones and a range of 3D textures, allowing you the freedom of creating a stunning feature wall that will tie in with just about any existing colour scheme or interior design style.

Armani Marble Tiles

This opulent collection of natural marble wall tiles creates a luxurious 3D effect, especially when paired with feature lighting. The collection includes two classic choices of natural marble (Piatra Grey and Statuario) and two 3D pattern tile options. As with all the stylish 3D tiles in this compilation, these too can be used throughout your interior spaces for a timeless and dramatic touch to your overall design scheme.

Natural marble tiles offer a rich and refined look in the home however, it is important to note that being a natural material, there will be a need for proper care and maintenance considerations. Suitable cleaning solutions must be used on natural stone tiles and a quality tile sealer must also be applied at the time of installation and then reapplied every few years or so in order to ensure your marble wall tiles are protected against staining or discolouration. You will find more specific cleaning and sealing information in our Resources page.

Armani tiles_3D Tiles

The elegant Armani collection includes a selection of popular natural marble tiles in two 3D pattern options. Pictured here used as a feature element in the bathroom, the Armani collection provides a sure-fire solution to creating an instant wow-factor in your next project!

Arthouse 3D Tiles

A modern and contemporary design solution, the Arthouse collection creates a dynamic look in any interior. This unique collection offers six visually stimulating 3D patterns in a colour selection of either black or white. Italian made, these ultra-modern wall tiles will look right at home in any interior application, being especially popular as a feature wall solution for the living area thanks to their wonderfully tactile quality.

Each individual tile includes a range of raised and lowered surfaces to form a 3D pattern. With the right coloured grout, these tiles will offer a near seamless appearance, once again ensuring their suitability as a feature element in your next interior design project. A glazed ceramic tile, the Arthouse collection does not require sealing at any time throughout the product’s lifespan as the hardened glaze on the tile’s surface provides a water and stain resistant protective barrier, making these tiles an excellent choice for messy areas of the home such as the bathroom for example.

Arthouse_3D Tiles

The Arthouse glazed ceramic tile collection offers an impressive range of stylish and modern pattern options in either black or white. Italian made, these stunning tiles can be used throughout your interiors to create a wonderfully tactile feature element in hallways, corridors, home entry ways and living spaces.

Frozen Garden

Our elegant Frozen Garden collection features a multi-faceted hexagonal shape with repeating triangle and floral designs. This delightful series combines the sharp edges of ice with the organic beauty of nature to create a stunning contrast using raised and lowered surfaces for a charming 3D effect.

Frozen Garden_3D Tiles

Frozen Garden has been created by renowned designer Marcel Wanders in collaboration with world famous boutique mosaic tile creators, Bisazza and is available in a pure white and deep black option.

3D effect tiles provide a spectacular point of difference in any interior design scheme, creating a stunning visual feature element that can be as modern or as classically styled as you like. With so many exciting new options available, you are sure to find the perfect wall tile solution that will tie in with you decorating and design scheme. Our team at Perini Tiles can recommend the very best tiling options to meet your requirements with an ever changing display available to view in our Richmond Tiles Showroom.