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3D Ceramic Tile Options: Our Top Picks

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3D ceramic tile options offer an elegant and tactile finish in any application throughout your home’s interior design scheme, from the kitchen to the laundry and more. These elegant feature tiles are designed to create a luxurious and sophisticated modern look, playing with light and shadow for a dramatic finishing touch to your interior design scheme. There are many exciting options available, from stylish geometric pattern tiles to ornate traditional style options and plenty more!

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are most commonly used as a wall tile in the home. These tiles are lighter in weight than other options, making their installation on vertical surfaces less labour intensive. They also provide a softer material option that is easier to drill through, making the installation of wall accessories such as towel rails for example, more straight forward. As ceramic tiles are most often only suitable for use as a wall tile option, their design is not restricted by the same principles as floor tiles would be in that they do not require a slip rating. This means that ceramic tile collections are available in a wide range of decorative styles that cannot be achieved with the design of floor tiles. From sleek, ultra-glossy surface finishes to raised patterns and plenty more, you will fill find a wide range of luxurious and decorative options in ceramic wall tiles.

Arthouse Wall Tiles_3D Ceramic Tile

Our Arthouse collection features a selection of striking geometric 3D patterns in classic black or white tile options to complement the modern or contemporary styled home. Enhance the appearance of their elegant 3D patterns by including targeted feature lighting in your interior design scheme for a dramatic finishing touch!

What are 3D Ceramic Tiles?

3D ceramic tiles offer a unique and modern look in the home. These decorative feature tiles are designed using raised and lowered surfaces to create a repeating, 3D style. These raised patterns offer a dramatic style in any design scheme with a vast range of exciting 3D pattern tiles available to choose from including sophisticated geometric designs or traditional etched patterns. Pair your 3D ceramic tiles with feature lighting to highlight their form for the ultimate finishing touch in your next design project!

Konvek_3D Ceramic Tiles

Available in a selection of rich and vibrant colour options, the Konvek collection offers a modern take on the traditional subway tile. Featured in this example laid in a classic herringbone tile pattern, Konvek uses a gentle convex shape to create a 3D effect for a wonderfully tactile finish.

How to use 3D Tiles in the Home

3D ceramic tile options can be used in a variety of applications throughout your home’s interior spaces, from the kitchen and laundry to the bathroom and more. These tiles will make for a show-stopping feature tile in the bathroom as well as a stylish splashback tile option in the kitchen or laundry where they can be highlighted with the use of LED strip lighting installed beneath overhead cabinets. You can also use these ornate tiles to create a tactile look in other spaces throughout your home such as the living and dining area for example; in place of feature paint or wallpaper, your selected feature wall can be tiled instead to create a unique and modern look in your home’s interior design scheme.

Press ceramic tiles_3D Ceramic Tile

For those looking to create more of a classic or traditional style in their interior design scheme. Our Press collection offers the perfect solution. These subtle 3D tiles include a raised pattern in traditional styles, offering a hard wearing and durable alternative solution to pressed tin panels. The Press collection is available in a selection of classic and timeless colour options to help you create the perfect style in your next home renovation or build.

3D ceramic tile options can be used throughout your home’s interior spaces to create a stylish and unique look. These stunning tiles can be enhanced with the addition of targeted feature lighting to create a truly show-stopping style in your next interior design project! Our team at Perini Tiles can assist you throughout the tile selection process, creating the perfect material and colour palette for your next project. Shop for tiles online of visit us in person to get started on your dream home!