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2024 Interior Design Trends: Our Forecast for the New Year

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As we welcome in the new year, we look at what types of design trends and styles we will be seeing more of in our homes. 2024 interior design trends continue to embrace nature, placing a strong emphasis on sustainability, the use of natural materials and textures along with bold and dynamic feature elements that also draw inspiration from nature. This year, there are many specific design styles that are trending in the home; these include luxurious Mediterranean interiors, Japandi design aesthetics and more. You will find our rundown of each of these specific interior design styles in our quick guide here. Each of these stylish home design aesthetics share several key factors in common: they each draw heavily from nature to create a sense of serenity and tranquillity in the home. In this post, we explore and dissect these trends further by looking at their common threads such as biophlic design, bold feature elements and more!

2024 Interior Design Trends: Biophilic Design

Biophilic design aims to touch each of the five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing, to create an incredibly rich, soothing and tranquil atmosphere that is at one with nature. This design concept helps you to connect with your home’s natural surroundings by incorporating them into the overall architecture of the building itself. This can mean incorporating layers of natural lighting and ventilation in the home, creating enclosed courtyards within your home’s spaces or simply including more plants and trees within the building itself, adding to the user’s oneness with nature. This style of home design can provide many benefits to the occupants of a home from lowering your carbon footprint to encouraging your wellbeing by making the natural environment the key focus of your home’s design scheme.

Resort Outdoor Tiles_2024 Interior Design Trends

The stunning Resort outdoor tile collection fuses the rich and earthy stylings of natural stone with the modern durability of porcelain tiles. These stunning outdoor tiles can be used in your home’s landscaping design scheme to enhance the space’s comfort and function while creating defined zones in your home’s outdoor areas.

Rich, Earthy Tones & Materials

Continuing to draw inspiration from nature, modern home design throughout 2024 and beyond will embrace an earthy aesthetic as opposed to the bolder, more structured lines of Modernist styles. This includes colour palettes as well as materials; natural stones such as marble, travertine and granite will continue to be timeless options for use in the home accompanied by the warm, rustic textures and colouring of terracotta tiles, handmade tiles and more. Rich and vibrant emerald greens, sumptuous clay tones and crisp whites will dominate our interior colour palettes, complemented by a variety of soft neutral tones such as light, warm beige, deep charcoal and matte black.

Archaic Mediterranean Tiles_2024 Interior Design Trends

Traditionally handmade, our stunning Archaic collection features an endless selection of dramatic patterns, designs and colour options to choose from. Offering a luxurious Mediterranean inspired aesthetic, these tiles can be mixed and matched or used in a singular design to create a unique look in your next interior design project.

Combining Historical Styles in 2024 Interior Design

2024 interior design trends include combinations of different period styles to create unique and personal looks in the home. From luxe Art Deco pieces to elegant Romantic artworks or retro styled furniture, our homes are evolving to be more of a showcase of our unique sense of style, creativity and preferences. Australian home decorating and design has always included an eclectic mix of styles, leading to an elegant and unique aesthetic that is uniquely ours! By combining our favourite pieces from different design eras in our homes, we are further enhancing this sense of individuality, creating our own sense of character in our sanctuaries.

Norm Pattern Tiles

A new addition in our already extensive tile collection, the Norm series offers the perfect blend of style, character and charm in its luxurious patterns and colour combinations. Drawing inspiration from a variety of different design styles and eras, Norm will add a unique and personal touch in any home!

Dynamic Statements & Features

From striking feature walls to elegant and charismatic statement pieces in our decorating and design schemes, this year we will be seeing bolder elements showing up in our home’s interior design and decorating schemes. Feature walls have been used in residential design for some time now however, this year we will be seeing bolder colours, richer wallpapers and luxuriously textured tiles being used to create feature elements throughout our home’s interior spaces. From crazy paver tiles to stylish wallpaper inspired large format porcelain tiles, there are many exciting options available to choose from that will help you create a show stopping feature in the home. If a feature wall isn’t up your alley, you may instead choose to include a dynamic statement piece in your decorating scheme; this can include a stunning natural stone or concrete basin in the bathroom, a luxurious pendant light hanging over your kitchen island luxe occasional chairs in the living area that contrast your existing furnishings. Using statements and features in your home’s interior spaces will allow you to experiment with a range of bolder colours and more dynamic textures or patterns as you explore your own unique sense of style in the home.

2024 interior design trends continue to place a strong focus on the natural environment, ensuring the wellbeing of users by embracing nature within the home and creating rich and tranquil spaces that encourage a sense of comfort. Our homes are our sanctuaries after all!

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