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Tiles alive with Texture and Pattern

Intonaco mixes texture with brilliant detailed patterns to achieve a subtle yet effective patchwork design. 

Intonaco takes its inspiration from the effects created by the long tradition of block printing used in mid-century wallpapers. Block printing is the technique of carving a design into a block, placing into a dye and then printing onto a surface.

Different blocks were used to produce each roll so as to create an exquisite effect. Intonaco achieves this look perfectly and comes in 8 different designs that are randomly placed on the wall

Intonaco is made in Italy. Available in white and grey in 300mm x 300mm size. 

See the complete collection at the Perini Tiles showroom in Richmond, Melbourne.

Posted on: 2nd April, 2014
Categories: Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Creative Styles
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