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Hampton Style Bathroom

Our guest post is by the very talented stylist Belinda from Gallerie B

Hamptons bathrooms are classic, elegant and timeless. I love that they can also be adaptable. With the addition of coloured towels, and bathroom accessories a new look can be achieved.

Here are some common elements to creating a Hamptons-style bathroom:

1. Subway tiles

 These are generally white or marble.

Brendan Wong Design (http://brendanwong.com )

Mark Williams Design (http://www.markwilliams-design.com )

2. Marble

 Marble or natural stone is used for tiling, countertops or both. Marble tiles can be applied in various shapes such as hexagonal, basketweave and herringbone.

Scavullo Design (http://scavullodesign.com )

Luxe Design Build (http://www.luxe-design-build.com )

3. Vanity        

A Hamptons-style vanity is usually custom-built with a shaker style profile on the doors and drawers. Cabinet knobs or pulls are more often chrome or nickel-plated. 

Milton Development (http://miltondevelopment.com )

Heather Garrett Design (http://heathergarrettdesign.com )

4. Sconce Lighting

Sconce lights are usually mounted on either side of the mirror or on the mirror itself.

via Decorpad (http://www.decorpad.com )

5. Wall paneling

Walls, or sections of, are often panelled or sometimes wallpapered. 

The Refeathered Roost (http://www.therefeatheredroost.com )

6. Neutral Colours

Hamptons-style bathrooms are a neutral colour such as white, grey or black and white.

Monika Hibbs (http://monikahibbs.com/home-tour/ )

7. Tapware

 Tapware is generally chrome or nickel-plated and traditional in style.

Oliver Interiors (http://apaddingtonperspective.blogspot.com.au )

To create a Hamptons style bathroom, here is my selection of tiles from Perini.

1. Del Marmo Porcelain 

2. Subway Vattacan Ceramic

3. Acerra Porcelain 

4. Carrara Basketweave Grey Dot 

5. Beehive Porcelain

6. Subway Ceramic

Thanks so much for having me on your blog Perini Tiles.

Belinda XO

Posted on: 5th August, 2015
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