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Deadline Design Pascoe Vale Tiles- Dynamic Design

This 70’s Californian Bungalow Pacoe Vale home was in desperate need of a renovation.  The bathroom in its original state was a typical design from that era, small dark and cramped with no toilet.  The kitchen was dated and tired.  With Shaynna’s expertise, the team completely transformed the home and created highly functional spaces that perfectly resonate with the client’s sense of fun and personality.  

Before Photos


Once the bathroom layout was totally redesigned and a skylight installed the new space was converted into a spacious and light drenched haven.
Shaynna selected the Modello tiles to bring in a dynamic feature for the floor and up on the bath wall.  This style of tile is commonly known as patchwork tiles.  They are series of patterns and geometric shapes that are randomly mixed to create a visual feast of vibrance.  They certainly become the hero of the space.  The colour chosen was Freddo, a cool monochromatic hue that perfectly pop against the white of the Cabra tiles and crisp white bath ware.

Modello Patchwork Tiles

Modello Patchwork Tiles


The geometric tiles used in this striking kitchen are from the Lantern collection.   This range of tile exudes a positive Moroccan flavour, and is the perfect choice for creating a unique visual space on a kitchen splash back.   Here Shaynna has selected the pale grey colour for a soft and subtle look allowing the incredible Belling stove in bold navy blue to be the showstopper of the space.  

Lantern Tiles in Grey colour used on the kitchen splash back

Lantern Tiles  in Grey colour used on the kitchen splash back

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