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Tile Trends To Look Out For in 2018

Posted on 31st January, 2018

It’s the start of a new year and there’s an exciting buzz in the air as we begin to see new styles, colours and shapes all designed to set the new tile trends going into 2018.  Read on to see what you will expect to find on your next visit.

5 Standout Bathrooms to Inspire You

Posted on 9th October, 2017

Carefully considered tiles form an integral part of any new bathroom design, so we’ve handpicked 5 of our latest client’s projects to showcase the importance of tile choice and to inspire you when planning your own bathroom renovation. 

The NEW Greg Natale Tile Collection has arrived!

Posted on 14th August, 2017

We're so excited to introduce the latest tile collection designed by iconic Australian interior designer Greg Natale.

A Guide to Selecting the Right Colour for your Swimming Pool

Posted on 20th July, 2017

Selecting a tile colour can be one of the most difficult decisions when building a new swimming pool. The choices seem to be endless and how do you know exactly what colour you will end up with? To make this process easier, we've put together a few of our favourite pool projects to inspire your decision.  




Product Spotlight- Terracotta Tiles

Posted on 19th June, 2017

You may be suprised at the fact that terracotta is coming back in, and strong. But, so many of us love to incorporate as much natural material in our homes as possible, and what better way to do so than with rich, earthy toned tiles that perfectly reflect the colours of our native Australian outback

Top Tile Trends in 2017- The Ultimate Checklist

Posted on 5th June, 2017

Thanks to the continuing leaps in technological advancements, we are seeing an exciting array of innovative tile designs in interesting textures, block colours and new styles. The trends filtering through from international manufacturers this year are a mix of adventurous and bold designs intended to lift tiles to a new level.

How to get the Material Crush bathroom look

Posted on 10th April, 2017

If you're loving the current trend of layering various materials and textures, we've got some tips for bringing the Material Crush look into your bathroom – two ways. It's all about experimenting with the materials you love, while staying within your own budget. 


4 Benefits of using Custom Cabinets in your Home

Posted on 20th March, 2017

There are many benefits in using custom cabinets in your home; not only do you have complete design control over every single aspect of your new piece but the quality, longevity and overall workmanship of custom cabinets are a great investment in your property.

How much does a kitchen renovation really cost?

Posted on 1st March, 2017

Determing the cost of a kitchen renovation can vary dramatically depending on the scope of structural work required as well as your selection in products and appliances.  Read on as we look at some of these cost influences.